About Us

About Us Who We Are

We are a creative video production agency that crafts creative for businesses of all sizes and industries. Our production team prides itself on offering a quality experience throughout the production process.

3-Step Process for Craft Creative Video Production

1. Pre-Production

First, the Craft Creative video production process begins with our Pre-Production phase. After we discuss your brand and vision, we develop scripts and creative concepts. In addition, we will arrange for the video’s talent and make a production schedule suited to your needs.

2. Production

Next, our production team will be in constant communication to make sure your production runs smoothly.  We know your time is valuable, so this preparation helps keep your production day as efficient as possible.

3. Post-Production

Afterward, the Craft Creative production team will edit and optimize your footage. We will make sure your colors, audio, and talent look top-notch before finally delivering your finished product. Then, your marketing team can distribute across media channels.

Who We Are

We specialize in video production, website design, graphic design and animation.

Our team boasts years of experience in crafting engaging creative designed to move the needle and achieve the goals of our client partners. As a result, we know the planning and skills needed to produce top-quality creative. Craft Creative has produced videos in a number of markets.

Craft Creative Video Production is trusted by a number of Brands

Just because you think it’s cute doesn’t mean it will grow your business. People are advertised to all the time, thousands of times a day. If you’re not being loud and getting noticed in your market, you’re just fitting in like everyone else. Think about that the next time you start a campaign.”

— Eric Elliott (Chief inspiration officer)