Animation Studio Character Creation 2D/3D Art Motion Graphics

Craft Creative’s Animation Studio brings your vision to life.

Animation with Imagination

Animated Ads tailored to your audience

Is your creative vision best suited for an animated project? Sadly, there’s only so much a videographer can do with a camera. In the world of animation, your imagination is the only constraint. In fact, the Craft Creative Animation Studio can handle virtually any type of vision you may have.

Need help describing your business and how it works? Our animation studio can help. Would motion graphics help tell your business’s story better? We can do that, too. On top of that, the creative team at Craft Creative has even created a number of characters and mascots to fit certain brands’ colorful personalities. For premium animation in Charleston, give us a call or fill out our quick form today.

What we offer

We provide consultation and management throughout the entire process. In short, we ensure your project flows smoothly and meets set timelines within the project scope and budget.

  •  Storyboarding
  •  Animated Character Design
  •  Mascot Creation
  • Motion Graphics
  • 2D/3D Animation
  •  Architectural Walkthroughs
  •  3D Modeling
  •  Product Renders

When you trust Craft Creative’s animation studio with your next project, you can count on open communication. We want to match your vision as closely as possible. Thus, our creative team will keep in constant contact with your business throughout the animation.

Just because you think it’s cute doesn’t mean it will grow your business. People are advertised to all the time, thousands of times a day. If you’re not being loud and getting noticed in your market, you’re just fitting in like everyone else. Think about that the next time you start a campaign.”

— Eric Elliott (Chief inspiration officer