Case Studies

Craft Creative: Case Studies

We take pride in providing results for our clients. Let's take a look at just some of the success stories through these case studies.

A Creative Video Is Only As Successful As the Results It Brings

The video production team at Craft Creative is aware that clients usually don't request a video simply to have a video. No matter the industry, clients expect their video or graphic creative projects to return value. Let's take a look at a few of these projects and the results they created for our clients.

Automotive Dealership - Berkeley Ford's Service Department

With much of the world shut down due to COVID-19, Berkeley Ford needed creative ways to bring people in.

What Did They Need?

Like many automotive dealerships dealing with COVID-19, Berkeley Ford needed to turn its attention inwards as new production was halted. Craft Creative produced a message targeted at bringing attention to Berkeley Ford's service department.

It's no news that the world pretty much shut down for much of 2020. With no new units to sell, automotive dealerships were forced to find innovative ways to produce revenue. The Craft Creative team and Berkeley Ford came to the conclusion that a Service-focused message could help.

What Did They Get?

Craft Creative produced a 15-second ad spotlighting Berkeley Ford's excellent service department. This creative video illustrated the service team's dependability and expertise while giving a clear call-to-action of “Rush to Berkeley Ford" and to “Book Your Appointment Now."

After a month, Berkeley Ford realized 30% increases in internet traffic, service appointments, and service revenue. To accommodate all this new interest, the team needed to even hire a new Service Advisor.

Video Production Case Studies

Charleston Men’s Clinic

A local men’s health clinic prides itself on being one of the only facilities headed by a practicing medical doctor. They take their time with each patient, crafting singular treatment programs tailored according to each patient’s ailments.

This philosophy presents an interesting challenge for a creative agency. The effort to spend meaningful time with patients generates a significant “quality over quantity” need. The potential patients calling in need to be ready and qualified to become a patient.

Craft Creative sculpted a creative strategy that would attempt to inspire the people who are generally more in tune with grown men’s medical needs: their wives.

The idea was simple: present messages that would present a supportive wife helping her man make the decision to help them both live happier lives. They’re partners, and a strong woman makes a strong man. Craft Creative produced a 30-second TV spot showcasing the woman’s thoughts and feelings about her husband and their situation. This strategy attempts to speak directly to cooperation between both the husband and wife and speaks to potential patients who are ready to convert and become actual patients.

The campaign resulted in a notable increase in lead quality. Callers to the clinic were much more ready and willing to schedule appointments, leading to conversion rate increase to nearly 80%. Website traffic also showed an interest in learning more about the services provided. Over 10% of visitors spent more than five minutes on the site learning about the clinic’s services, again showing the people inspired by the video ad were serious about becoming actual patients.

Jones Ford and Nissan of Sumter

Craft Creative’s strategy for automotive dealerships is to create video ads that set themselves apart from the crowd of other local automotive dealerships. We’ve all seen a dealership ad, so Craft Creative is tasked with the production of video ads that can speak to potential buyers differently than every other auto dealer ad out there.

In February of 2018, Craft Creative earned the video production business back from a dealership who had chosen to test the waters with different video production agencies. The change resulted in a decrease of 40% in monthly sales. Conversely, When the dealership switched back to Craft Creative’s video ad production, sales rose by 40%.





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