Craft Reviews: Intellytech F-485 Light Canon

The production crew at Craft Creative is on a constant quest to find and use the best equipment available. Every now and then, the team likes to put together reviews highlighting some of their favorites pieces. Last time, we heard from Paul and the Fujinon Camera Lenses. Check that review out if you’re interested. Today, Terry’s showcasing the Intellytech F-485 Light Canon and its on-set capabilities.

What Can I Use This For?

As Terry explains, the showcased Intellytech F-485, as well as the Intellytech 165s included in the shot, provides a ton of light for its smaller size. This light is great to use on-location if you’re using an interview space or need to set up a big light source outside of a studio. With this versatility, Intellytech wanted to make it as easy as possible to track temperature and intensity. You can find the display on the backside of the light.


Since most smaller production budgets don’t allow for extra crew members solely responsible for keeping an eye on light settings, the Intellytech F-485 comes with a user-friendly mobile app. After you plug in the provided USB, you can control the light’s settings from anywhere on set.

The Intellytech F-485’s LED Fresnel allows for both flood- and spotlighting. This functionality, along with the user-friendly app, allows a multitude of different uses without having to haul around a total assortment of lights. In addition, it comes with a fan to help keep it cool throughout your production. For any videographer or production team member familiar with these types of productions, this little feature comes in handy especially while you’re focused on other portions of the production.

Disclaimer: If you’re looking to make the light as soft as possible, you may need to invest in the separate Softbox made to pair with it.

Finally, one of the best features of the Intellytech F-485 is that it’s bi-color, ranging in color temperature from 3000 to 8000 Kelvin. So, whether you need the low glow of a sunset or the intensity of a midday sun, you can totally make it happen.


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