Craft Reviews: RodeCaster Pro Podcast Production Studio

It’s official, everyone. Podcasts have taken over the world. In fact, there are 850,000 active podcasts to choose from. With so many podcasts out there today and so many podcasters recording them, demand for simple podcast production studios is high as ever. Naturally, there are a ton of options to choose from. Today, Chris gives us a review of the RodeCaster Pro Podcast Production Studio and how it stacks up to the competition.

RodeCaster Pro Features


For anyone familiar with producing podcasts, you know that no matter the circumstances, the show must go on. Your audience expects episodes on a reliable schedule. The last thing you need is a broken podcast production studio. The RodeCaster Pro is sturdy and durable enough while still entirely portable.


This product includes 4 XLR inputs, as well as additional USB and Auxiliary inputs in case you’re needing that flexibility. On top of that, the RodeCaster Pro offers a wireless Bluetooth input. Simply, if you’re on a quest to eliminate every cable or wire from your life, the RodeCaster Pro is your best bet here.

Of course, there are 4 headphone jacks, as well, which is ideal for productions like a podcast with different guests. Finally, you have the option to record directly to a Micro SD card or through a USB if you want to hook up your computer with your favorite digital audio work station, like GarageBand, Ableton, or CakeWalk.

Level Control and Sample Buttons

Each audio input has its corresponding level control (Yes, even the Bluetooth input). With each track, you also have the opportunity to mute or solo the track. Each track has 2 buttons you can use to toggle how you want to utilize the track.

Along with these sliders, this podcast production studio comes with 8 synth pads. You can record sounds directly to each pad to use later while you’re recording. There are some already programmed in, but it’s pretty easy to replace them with your own clips.

Recording Shortcuts

Each of the XLR tracks comes with its own optimizer, as well. As you can see in Chris’s review video, this is an incredibly simple interface. With no more than a couple buttons, you can quickly optimize levels for your XLR microphones. Let the RodeCaster Pro know what kind of microphone you’re using and the type of voice being recorded, and you’re pretty much done. Of course, for experts, there are more advanced EQ options available. Meanwhile, for those of you wanting to quickly set up and get recording, these EQ settings couldn’t be simpler.


The RodeCaster Pro Podcast Production Studio takes a ton of the guess work out of podcast recording process. The vast majority of podcasters don’t have access to high-dollar recording studios, so these portable production studios are vital. Additionally, most of don’t have unlimited time or man power to manually adjust levels to the ideal level for every mic and participant. The RodeCaster Pro works perfectly for podcasters looking to quickly set up and immediately get recording. It’s a pretty simple device, and Chris gives it his stamp of approval.


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