Customizing Content to Fit Your Brand

There’s no magical machine that can extract your brand and produce a physical physical representation of it. As awesome as this would be, we’re at least a few centuries away from this type of technology. The next best thing is a creative branding agency.

A creative branding agency is just that: creative. We specialize in manifesting businesses’ own thoughts. Then, we produce videos, graphics, animation, or really anything that capture their brand. The best creative teams will take a number of steps to understand who the client is and what they are attempting to accomplish before any script or sketch begins. We like to ask some of the following questions.

What’s your goal?

We’re often surprised by how many companies and businesses don’t really have a goal in mind when seeking creative services. Some of the most popular responses are “We just need a video for Facebook,” or “We saw another one of your clients’ ads on TV, and we want you to do the same for us.” Creating your brand’s message, though, isn’t as simple as checking a box and saying, “Done!”

As a creative branding agency, we can help businesses formulate some of their goals and figure out what avenues make the most sense. Are you wanting help generating sales? Increasing brand awareness? Improving your public image? Increasing your work force? Depending on the budget, time, and talent, really anything’s possible once all of our goals are aligned.

What audience are we speaking to?

We need to remember an often overlooked idea: your target audience or ideal customers may not agree with your—the business owner’s—sensibilities. That is, if an idea or creative concept explicitly speaks to you, there’s no guarantee it will speak to your demographic. For instance, a Personal Injury Attorney seeking creative help in legal marketing will typically have different interests than their target audience. Meet them where they are, not where you are. If you wouldn’t characterize yourself as part of your target demographic, you’re probably wasting money by creating video or graphics that appeal to yourself.

Who are you, as a brand?

Businesses today rely so much on the grind that brands often lose track of who they actually are. What good is a goal or target audience if you don’t really know your own brand identity? Sure, we can make the right moves of creating something capable of reaching your goals by reaching your target audience. At the end of the day, will you be satisfied with a piece of creative content that doesn’t align with who you are as a person or what your business is as a brand?

We pride ourselves on being able to sit down and understand each facet that comes with a business, individual, or brand. Our creative branding agency will mark projects complete when we’re satisfied. This satisfaction comes only after knowing the creative addresses a goal, speaks to the right type of audience, and agrees with your brand vision.

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