How to Direct Your Business Video Production

The phrase “film directing” can be a rather intimidating idea if you’re not aware of the challenges. Directing video productions involves more than shouting orders and making sure people are where they need to be. In the video, our team member Terry takes you through some of the most important aspects of how to direct your business video.

Make sure your talent is comfortable

Most of us can notice a stiff acting performance when we see one. In many situations, this rigidity comes from a lack of comfort. It can come from a variety of circumstances, but a Director’s role is to bring as much comfort to the actors involved as possible.

A simple solution you could incorporate immediately is setting a mood that facilitates communication. It’s easy to get caught up in a mindset of directing talent to “do this” or “do that,” when the production is actually a two-way street. Even if you’re directing the production, there are a number of ways to help the production if you simply communicate with your talent.

Getting your actors’ opinions

Along with keeping a healthy method of communication, a Director shouldn’t be above listening to opinions from the talent involved. Similar to many projects involving a number of people and teamwork, video productions rely on a meshing of creative visions. Actors bring in a wealth of their own experiences and knowledge. It would be a waste not to hear what these people have to say about the production.

Be able to make decisions

Video productions are inherently time-consuming endeavors even with experience of how to direct your business video. The last thing production teams need bloating time on set is indecisiveness from a Director. While open lines of communication and an understanding of different opinions is essential to a successful production, Directors ultimately have the final say.

You may want to test out some different ideas or play around with different takes, but successful Directors should always know when to make a decision and move forward with their video production.

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