Craft Course: Don’t (point and) Shoot!

 It’s not as simple as point and shoot.

A rule of thirds grid. Important elements (the shed, and the border between the ground and the trees) are positioned along the lines and at the intersections. Image by Martin Gommel.
Creating content to promote your brand or business may appear simple, but there is a science behind creating a commercial or promotional piece that most people tend to ignore.
Introductory film classes teach the Rule of Thirds. This is the idea that an image gets divided into, you guessed it – thirds, to create a square-like grid.

The human mind finds squares to be pleasing thus making it the best way to consume visuals. This is why  Instagram is square-based and why televisions are rectangular. The eye finds the content more appealing when present in a square/rectangular fashion (You can watch more of this on the Netflix show Abstract). 
In a perfect world, a subject would be at the center of the frame directing your eye to the focal point.
For example, a person would have their eyes, nose, and mouth placed in the center, or focal point, aligning with the ‘faux-maginary’ grid.
Placing a subject to the left or right side of the frame allows for more depth, flirting with the idea that the mind enjoys a good angle.
This grid-like concept comes across in all aspects of design and media. News has inadvertently adopted the concept across the board.
 All creative professionals use the Rule of Thirds as a foundation of their art.
Of course, the rule of rules is that rules are made to be broken.
Here at Craft Creative, we don’t break the rules, we refigure the game.
Each project we take on is treated with the same visual respect.
Our product is unlike any other. Don’t take our word for it, watch some of our game-changing videos here.
Animation, radio, podcasts, graphic design, web design, commercials.
If it’s created by Craft, it’s a crowd-pleaser.
Now, let’s get crafty.

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