Automotive Dealership Advertising Videos: Dos and Don’ts

We’re all well acquainted with typical local automotive dealership advertising, and there’s a reason most of them look very similar.

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday!

Incentives are handed down each month from the main brands to each local dealership. The meat-and-potatoes of these ads will highlight these deals using the familiar jargon, but everything else surrounding this core message is what sets individual ads apart from other local dealerships.

Outside of competitive monthly payments, low APR, or financing options, what can auto dealerships do to set themselves apart? Here are some main points to utilize and some others to avoid when coming up with your next creative plans.

Do: Tell your customers how well you will treat them

What are some of the deciding factors you have when deciding on similar businesses to visit? One may be closer. Another may have a better deal. Do you know someone who works at one of them? There are a ton of factors, but a key deciding point is comfort. Buying a car is a big deal, so people are going to do their due diligence before visiting a dealership. The best dealerships will make every attempt to make their visitors feel like royalty during their visit.

This practice doesn’t only need to exist in the store. Advertise it. Make sure your creative message illustrates how comfortable you make anyone who walks through your doors.

Don’t: Make empty promises

It’s easy to get carried away when trying to make potential customer choose your dealership over another one in your market. The main brands try to keep the playing field relatively even, but even if you’re not able to keep up with spends like your competitors, don’t fall into the trap of empty promises. When you tell potential customers that you’ll treat them like family, what does that mean? In most situations, these vague promises don’t really speak to consumers. In today’s Review-driven society, these can even work as a detriment. When someone takes one of these clichés to heart, you can set yourself up for negative reviews.

Do: Show a personality

If there’s one word you never want associated with an ad you produce, it’s “forgettable,” There’s no such thing as market exclusivity in this world. Just in our backyard of Charleston, South Carolina, there are 5 Ford dealerships within the market. Your dealership needs its own personality to separate itself from its competitors.

Here are some quick tips you can focus on to help show your dealerships personality are:

  • Social Media: Does your Social Media show who you are? Use your profiles to offer a glimpse into your staff or customers that you can’t really display on other platforms
  • A Spokesperson: Can your potential customers put a face to your message? An easy way to designate a personality to your dealership is to utilize an actual person
  • A Tasteful Gimmick: It’s okay to turn your marketing into a circus as long as you’re the ringleader. Is their a fun trait your dealership is known for? Show it off. Have fun with it, but keep it within reason.

Don’t: Become a caricature

Your automotive dealership advertising can both display a personality and have fun with it in your marketplace without going overboard. Once your potential customers stop taking you seriously as a competitor in the market, it can be difficult regaining that credibility. Know your audience, and speak to them in a way that’s informative, engaging, and fun. At the same time, hold off on sending in the clowns to sell your inventory.

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