Having a Purpose for Your Creative Content Strategy

Like any venture, a purpose helps facilitate and drive the operation. If you go into a creative meeting without a purpose in mind for your creative content strategy, be prepared for a meandering conversation that will ultimately lead nowhere and raise more questions than answers. Before working with your creative team, consider the following.


It’s one of the most important questions for any kind of creative content strategy. Why do you want this made? It’s startling how many people and businesses genuinely have no idea why they want a video, graphic, or animation created. They just know that they want it. We must always remember that once we make a piece of creative, the message needs to do something. To maximize the effectiveness of this message, you need to establish a purpose for this video, graphic, or animation project.


Who needs to see this message? Are you attempting to drive sales? Gain awareness? Remarket to customers you already have? Answering these questions can lead to a complete overhaul of your creative content strategy. You would more than likely package things differently for people who have already bought from you compared to people who have no idea who you are. As we know, different people prefer different content and media outlets. Know who you’re wanting to reach before getting your creative produced.


What are we creating? Is a 30-second video the right option for your message? What form of media would best present your message? It’s fine if you don’t have these answers before sitting down with a creative team, but you need to be aware of the differences among each type of media. If you’re able to communicate your needs, a good creative team will be able to guide you through the best choices.

Is your goal to educate using a video? Maybe you’ll need more time to flesh out your points. Perhaps you’re wanting people to CALL RIGHT NOW. Your best bet is more than likely a quick direct response message. You don’t have to try and force a round peg into a square hole. The best creative teams will be able to work with you to find the best fitting media for your message.


Where is this going? What are you going to do with this piece of creative after we make it? Even the best video in the world is useless if not placed correctly. Have a media outlet in mind when deciding on a creative content strategy. We are virtually unlimited when it comes to ad placement in today’s world, so we need to capitalize on it when possible. Would, say, a video ad describing your new video game find more success on a digital medium or broadcast television?

Having an idea of how to answer these questions can help make your journey to fresh creative much more enjoyable. You’ll also find more success by actively forming a purpose behind you messaging.

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