How to Create Great Facebook Lawyer Videos

The secret to Facebook lawyer videos is well-made, professional content that offers specific value to your potential clients. If you are readily available for your potential clients with help, these people will be more likely to call you when emergencies hit. Just remember that 67% of clients will sign on with a law firm if they promptly answer the first phone call or respond to the first email. Interaction is key for people looking for you, and trust that you’ll actually help is just as important. 

Why create Facebook Lawyer Videos?

This tendency to sign on with the first lawyer you speak with also comes with another caveat. You need to focus on being your clients’ first choice. You need to assume that once a potential client decides to call a law firm, they are ready to move forward with this choice. Your focus should always be staying at the top of mind. You do this by offering substance to your clients, and a great way to do this is creating valuable facebook videos for them.

It’s no secret that Facebook has turned into a monster. Facebook now functions as a hub for conversation and research on virtually any topic. If a Google search helps people find webpages that can answer your questions, Facebook helps people find other people that can answer your questions. As an attorney, your business is working for the people, so what better place to spread your message?

When you are creating a social media campaign, the first thing you need to remember is that it’s nothing like a traditional media campaign. Traditional media refers to your old school advertising outlets, such as television, radio, newspapers, and billboards. If you’re familiar with these outlets, you will know that to advertise on these, your message needs to fit into tidy requirements. For example, if your message is going to be on TV or radio, your video will probably need to be exactly 15-, 30-, or 60-seconds in length. Within Facebook, on the other hand, you can focus on producing the right message for your firm at any length that makes sense. 


What Should My Law Firm’s Videos Be About?

When dealing with any Facebook marketing campaign, you’ll need to decide whether you will be performing a Paid or Organic campaign before deciding on what kind of video to produce. You want to make this decision because you will be dealing with two distinct audiences.

Organic Facebook Lawyer Videos

These types of videos fall into the type of content you’re probably most familiar with. Similar to your personal facebook page, any videos you post here will be visible only to users who like or follow your page. This audience is not only already familiar with your brand but also interested in hearing everything you have to offer. This is the audience you should aim to build, as it will be simpler to keep your law firm at the front of this audience’s mind.

These Facebook lawyer videos should serve the purpose of keeping your audience engaged. You don’t have to treat these users like strangers, as they already know you. These videos can be longer and show more of the “behind the scenes” aspects of your firm. The legal world has long since been about personal relationships. These humanizing videos can separate you from the 24/7 barrage of suited-up attorneys who will “fight for you” that people see on a daily basis.

Paid Facebook Lawyer Videos

To reach a Facebook audience that doesn’t already like or follow your page, you’ll need to pay to get your message in front of them. Your paid Facebook lawyer videos will most resemble your traditional media neighbors, but you still have added freedoms to take advantage of. For starters, if users like or engage with your paid ad, you can directly invite them to like your page, as well. This method will now allow you to serve your organic videos to this user.

These types of videos need to include a message closer to what you may see in traditional media. When you’re paying for your Facebook lawyer videos, you have no guarantee that the users you’re reaching are aware of your brand and the legal services your firm provides. You’ll need to structure these videos in a way that both grabs attention and offers value. Remember that most people will be scrolling along Facebook, so your Facebook lawyer video will need to 1) make them stop and consume your content and 2) be engaged with your message enough to interact with it. 


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