How to Use Your Website Videos

We’ve talked before about customizing your message to fit your medium, but what about your website? Business owners put so much effort into bringing potential customers and clients to their websites. With this focus, they often forget to provide content that keeps visitors on the site and ultimately convert. More successful brands are utilizing videos specifically made for their websites. These can come in several different forms.

What kinds of videos should be on my website?


It’s no secret that people are becoming less likely to read things. Even in the news, people often don’t even read an article before sharing it with everyone they know. Most websites will utilize a blog that helps visitors learn about what the business can do and allow themselves to show on Search Engines. More successful websites are also utilizing videos that perform the same functions. Most decision-makers prefer to watch a video instead of reading an article. If you can successfully produce a video that provides the same information as a blog, you may be better-served to use video over written content.


Every business will produce media that describes how great they are. When visitors are already on your site, you are more likely to engage users by offering insights that go beyond self-supplied content. You’ve probably seen a number of sites employ Case Studies, FAQs, or Reviews as content on their sites. These work incredibly well to provide authenticity to your claims. At the same time, web videos could provide more value.

What if I told you that there are a staggering number of fake reviews out there? Sure we can display thousands of 5-star reviews, but what beats a video of someone sitting down and telling you, the interested potential client or customer, how great our company is? It’s pretty difficult to fake that. Another benefit about testimonials is that they don’t usually require a ton of production.

Introductory Videos

We find ourselves in a time when potential customers and clients will attempt to learn as much as they can about a business before becoming a client or making a purchase. Along with Vlogs and Testimonials, Introductory Videos can offer more than a snapshot into your business. TV and Radio commercials typically limit you to 15- and 30-second time frames to broadcast your message. On Paid Social and Digital Media, your message is often presented alongside content rather than as the content. When a user is on your site, you are the focus. Your introductory video is not bound by anything.

This video should be able to describe who you are, what you do, and what sets you apart in a way that no other medium can illustrate. Here, you can utilize the video medium to provide as accurate a portrayal of your services or products as possible.

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