Craft Reviews: Fujinon Camera Lenses

So you have a camera and have experimented with a few productions but are still struggling to find those right shots. It may be time to look into different lenses. In Paul’s Fujinon Cinema Lens Review, he breaks down a couple different lenses Craft Creative uses and why.

Fujinon 18-55mm lens

These lenses are a must-have for their versatility. For any kind of quick shot scenario where you find to throw it over of the shoulder or zoom in for a quick shot, you’re in good hands with this lens.

Fujinon 50-135mm lens

Great for interviews, side shots, or even macros that want to bring in as much detail as possible within a specific shot.

Differences to DSLR

For Rack Focusing, especially, you may experiencing the camera zooming while trying to focus (or “breathing”). These lenses explained in the video will help you with that. Both lenses highlighted in the Fujinon Cinema Lens review video will help tremendously with keeping your focal point. Whether you’re zooming, turning, punching in, etc., these Fujinon lenses can help keep focus on your main points.

Keeping up with your equipment

If you’re ever wondering why your video ads look more like your kids’ Tik Toks than a national television ad, it probably has something to do with your equipment. By keeping up to date on the best lenses for your video productions and how or when to use them, you can stay one step ahead of everyone else when putting your brand on video.

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