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Craft Creative: Original, Engaging Video Production

Craft Creative is here for all of your artistic filmmaking needs. A premium video production and creative company, Craft Creative always thinks outside the box and delivers excellent crafts. While standard video producers may give you a cookie-cutter product, we mold each Craft Creative film to the tone, personality, and message of your business. There’s […]

Lenses for Your Video Production

So you have a camera and have experimented with a few productions but are still struggling to find those right shots. It may be time to look into different lenses. In the video above, Paul breaks down a couple different lenses Craft Creative uses and why. Fujinon 18-55mm lens These lenses are a must-have for […]

Directing for Your Business’s Video Productions

The phrase “film directing” can be a rather intimidating idea if you’re not aware of the challenges. Directing video productions involves more than shouting orders and making sure people are where they need to be. In the video, our team member Terry takes you through some of the most important aspects of directing in video […]

Using Storyboards for Your Video Production

  No professional video production crew would ever dream of taking on a project without a script. They act as an anchor that keeps a production on task and allows everyone involved to stay on the same page. One often overlooked tool production companies will use to a similar effect is a storyboard. In the […]