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Bring Your How-To Videos to Life!

It’s no secret that tutorials and How-To videos get more traffic than any other type of video on YouTube. Platforms that feature learning content have seen a recent rise in viewers. For several years, this kind of material has dominated video searches. Why How-To Videos are Popular People want to learn how to do things […]

How to Remove Backgrounds in Your Video Without a Green Screen

We’ve already covered ways of using a green screen to remove backgrounds in your videos. In reality, though, you’re not going to always have access to a green screen. Even when you can’t manage to have a green screen for your production, fear not. You still have the ability to remove backgrounds of your videos […]

Using Compositing and Motion Tracking in Your Videos

One of the chief functions of video editing is to make your finished product look as natural as possible. This is, our course, while adding elements to your video to spruce it up. Two tools editors will use to help add some flair to your videos are compositing and motion tracking. Compositing As Chris describes […]

How to Use a Green Screen: Keying

Our last post covered lighting techniques and some of the production basics when using a green screen. Now, we’ll cover some of the post-production process, specifically green screen keying. As Chris explains in the video, you’re using a green screen to effectively replace it with whatever background you want. These backgrounds could range from colors, […]