Craft Creative Services: Post-Production

The job isn't over when the cameras are done rolling. Craft Creative will edit and communicate with you through the post-production process until the final delivery of your creative project.

Trust our experienced creative team to complete your project to your expectations

A creative project isn't completed once the cameras stop rolling. In many ways, it's just getting started. Our editors, animators, and graphic designers take all of the footage taken during your production and organize it into its final form. More often than not, they'll also add in a thing or two that weren't even there.

Quality, Timely, and Efficient Post-Production

As a result, our Post-Production team stays in constant communication with you until we deliver a final product that is on-time and within scope.

After completing a successful production, a creative team moves on to the post-production phase. What happens after the cameras stop rolling and everyone goes home? At this stage, post-production specialists take over to turn the raw footage into a polished finished product.

Editors and graphic designers have created a number of your favorite movie scenes “in post." But it's not only in visual-heavy blockbusters that the post-production process is important. So what happens between the wrap and the final product?

First Things First

  • File storage — The absolute first task is making sure all your film is on secure hard drives. In terms of preventing disaster, this step is perhaps the most important of the entire process.

Video Post-Production

  • Picture editing — Also known as “cutting," a term which dates from the days when film reels had to be physically cut and sliced together. Now editors use software to assemble frames from different shoots, using a wide range of visual storytelling tactics. The first draft of the edited film, which your creative agency will show you, is called the “rough cut." If you're not happy with it, the editor will make more revised drafts, or “answer sheets." When you are happy, we say that editing is “locked in."
  • Visual effects — Any animation or CGI.
  • Color correction — Ever notice how movie colors match its mood? Grim and dirty Westerns include a largely brown world. For a lighthearted kids' movie? They'll have pastel and jewel tones. In olden times, directors created these effects purely with sets, costumes, and camera filters, but now VFX artists can adjust the hue of a frame.
  • Making titles and credits

Audio Post-Production

  • Sound editing — If you've ever tried to record yourself, you know it doesn't sound as clean as dialogue on TV. That's because sound editors clean up unwanted noise and re-record dialogue when needed. On top of that, they'll add sound effects on top. Sometimes, editors need to recreate noises that didn't sound clear enough in the original film.
  • Composing or sourcing music — Whether buying stock music or creating your own, most creative projects need some music.
  • Sound mixing — Making the final audioscape, including the filmed and re-recorded dialogue, the sound effects, and the music.

And finally…

  • Distribution — A headache for film studios trying to secure international rights for a movie, but in content creation, it's normally as easy as posting the video to the website.

Now that you know how the magic happens, aren't you glad you don't have to worry about it? Have Craft Creative organize your next production. Learn more by reading up on our blog. Of course, if you're ready to get started now, fill out our quick form.

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