Craft Creative Services: Pre-Production

A production’s planning and scheduling are often just as important as the production itself. Without proper Pre-Production, your video project can easily turn into a mess.

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Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance

Your creative video project actually begins far before any cameras arrive. Video productions involve a ton of moving parts. In fact, they easily fall apart when working with inexperienced or poorly organized production teams.

A Quality Production relies on Quality Pre-Production

Craft Creative’s Pre-Production Process makes sure all is ready before filming day. Everyone involved in your production knows who is involved, when to arrive, and what they are responsible for.

What even is Pre-Production?

If you’re new to content creation, you might be surprised to hear your production specialist use the phrase “pre-production." Surely, you might think, everything a production company does is production. Otherwise, the business should call itself something else.

In the film industry, “production" refers directly to filming. People whose jobs only relate loosely to filming may still have that word in their titles, but on the master schedule, the only days marked “production" will be the ones when cameras are rolling. Pre-production is anything between development — that is, the idea phase, when the script is written — and the first call of “Action!"

So what do people do in pre-pro, as all the cool kids call it?

Your Checklist

  • Final script approval — Also known as “locking in," this is when you’ll go over your script with the production company. In addition, you’l discuss what will and won’t work on-screen.
  • Make a budget — Incidentals tend to rack up. What unforeseen expenses could arise during your production?
  • Hire or create a production company — Is your video production project looking a little big for freelancers? Look into hiring a production company. Don’t forget that if you have the time and funds, you can always create your own company, as well.
  • Hire freelancers — Not enough team members to cover everything you need? You may need help from freelancers to help fill in some gaps.
  • Break down the script This is the phase when producers read the script to figure out how they’ll go about filming it. Here, they’ll figure out what actors, props, and costumes they’ll need.
  • Storyboard — Planning out things like shots, angles and lighting. Producers use cartoons to sketch out the major beats of the film.
  • Scout locations — Internet searches can only do so much. In fact, more often than not, you’re going to need to check locations with your own two eyes.
  • Cast the film — This can take longer than you might expect. Many producers will tell you it’s better to wrap late than to go forward with the wrong actors.
  • Make costumes, sets, and props — The pre-production process is not complete until all essential pieces are in place.
  • Get the paperwork in order — Tax, legal, insurance — you name it, this is the time to make sure it’s on track.
Download Your Free Pre-Production Checklist

Craft Creative has provided pre-production services for the following industries:

Healthcare and

Personal Injury, Criminal Law, Family Law


Auto Dealers (Tier 2, Tier 3)


Radio Broadcasting

Retail Services


Retirement Homes


Sales Training

Conferences and Seminars

Event and Promotional

Video Production Services

  • Animation
  • Character Creation
  • Motion Graphics
  • Aerial Photography/Aerial Videography
  • Online Video Commercials