Refreshing Your Creative Content Strategy

There’s a cool trick most of you with kids have probably heard of: I call it the “toy rotation.” The strategy here is to rotate groups of toys at different times for your young children. When they tire of a certain group of toys, put them in storage and substitute in another group of toys. They don’t even need to be newly bought toys. As long as they’ve been away for some time, your kids will play with them like they’re new. In a lot of ways, your creative content strategy follows the same guidelines.

How does this apply to my company’s creative content?

We’re all familiar with that television ad from a local business that’s been running for years. No one wants to be that business. For a fresh message and an engaged audience, you need to rotate your creative content at strategic intervals. You may ask yourself, “Why do I need to do this?” and “When should I change these out?”

Why do I need to rotate my creative content?

Much like the children in my earlier example, people get bored with the same old messages. We call this phenomenon Ad Fatigue, and it happens to even the best creative content out there, no matter the type of media. If you are placing your ads in a strategic way but are beginning to see your ad performance dip a bit, you may need to switch out your message with a new one to regain that ever-so-important audience attention.

When should I change these out?

Much like any scenario, the answer to this question depends on context. At the same time, you typically need to avoid basing your schedule on specific lengths of time.

For instance, a month of ads can look extremely different depending on certain factors, such as budget and marketing mix.


With a higher budget, you’ll see a higher number of ad impressions, which is simply how many times your ad is shown. Ad fatigue is closely related to the number of impressions people come into contact with. So, if you’re generating a ton of impressions, it would be wise to keep a tighter rotation of ads compared to a campaign spending less on impressions.

Marketing Mix

It’s easy to burn an audience out if you’re running a single ad. With this approach, you’ll need to set a schedule a new, singular ad to take its place pretty quickly. You’ll also notice that the return on your effort to produce these television, digital, or social media ads don’t really add up. To help mitigate this trend, set up campaigns utilizing a few different pieces of creative. (Note: Just remember to ensure each piece of creative is working toward the same goal within their respective campaigns.). You’ll notice your shelf life for ads will drastically improve if you implement a mix as opposed to singular ads.

Preserving your company’s marketing freshness

Even if you don’t have the budget to constantly create or commission new creative content when you need it, the most savvy companies remain relevant by changing out their creative before audiences get burned out. By keeping an eye on how much your message is being presented to people and how many messages you’re putting out their at a time, you’ll be able to proactively adjust to keep your audience’s attention and your messaging as fresh as possible.

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