3 Basic Steps to Make Good-Looking Interview Videos


If you want people to remember your message, embedding it in interview videos is one of the most effective ways to accomplish just that. Since people have been proven to remember 95% of a message when they watch it on video compared to 10% when reading it in a text, you really shouldn’t wait to get your interview video recorded. Just be sure you don’t fall prey to any of the classic rookie mistakes!

3 Basic Steps to Make Good-Looking Interview Videos

Before you start rolling the camera, make sure you think through these three basic steps.

Step 1: Lighting

This is about much more than making sure we can see the subject’s face. Proper interview lighting techniques take into consideration the natural light available, the power of 3-point lighting (Key, Fill, and Back), and balancing hard and soft qualities. As such, a little effort in these areas goes a long way toward producing top-quality interview videos.

Step 2: Camera Angles

When you do it right, shooting subjects with multiple camera angles looks effortless. It lets the setting flow well from all angles, the lighting work, and shows the subjects to the best advantage. However, this is much harder to pull off than you may imagine. Luckily, a professional team will know all the tips and tricks needed to make it work. Ultimately, they ensure your interview video production runs smoothly and produces the sort of content you’ve always wanted.

Step 3: Framing

Step three is about framing, which is so critical.

Framing your camera shot can make or break your interview; if your shot is poorly done, distracting, or out of place, your audience isn’t going to care that your subject may have just said the most profound thing they’ve ever heard. (B2C)

In order to make sure you avoid rookie mistakes and hit your project out of the park the first time around, be sure to partner with the pros.

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