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When Should I Use Animated Advertising?

When you’re deciding how you want your advertisements to look, you may be interested in using animation. A professional animation can be engaging  for viewers and fun to watch. There is a lot you can do with an animated advertisement that would be incredibly difficult with live-action advertising. So, what are the best contexts for […]

Character Animation in After Effects

Today, Cartoon Chris covers character animation in After Effects (or whatever program you use for video or graphic effects). Does anyone remember when artists had to keep drawing characters over and over again to create animation? Thankfully, technology has progressed to a point where computer programs do much of the heavy lifting. We’re All Just […]

How to Use Your Website Videos

We’ve talked before about customizing your message to fit your medium, but what about your website? Business owners put so much effort into bringing potential customers and clients to their websites. With this focus, they often forget to provide content that keeps visitors on the site and ultimately convert. More successful brands are utilizing videos […]

Refreshing Your Creative Content Strategy

There’s a cool trick most of you with kids have probably heard of: I call it the “toy rotation.” The strategy here is to rotate groups of toys at different times for your young children. When they tire of a certain group of toys, put them in storage and substitute in another group of toys. […]