The Basics of Attorney Advertising

We understand that attorneys spend multiple years learning how to practice law. After earning a bachelors degree, taking the LSAT, finishing law school, and passing the BAR, most attorneys will choose to focus on practicing law and helping their clients to the best of their ability. Marketing may not seem like a priority, but the right partnership will allow a law firm to grow while still being able to focus on their main priority: helping clients. If you are an attorney and wondering where to begin with attorney advertising, just follow some of these basics to begin.

Don’t get lost in the shuffle

It comes as no surprise that clients don’t magically appear when you open a law firm. On top of that, it’s not exactly a struggle to find an attorney when you need one. You can turn on daytime programming at any hour between 9am and 5pm to see multiple attorneys vying for your attention. It doesn’t stop at TV, though. Try Googling “Lawyers Near Me” to sort through all of the results, both paid and organic.

Local attorneys are spending a ton on attorney advertising every month, so it may be a bit intimidating when you’re wanting to start out. You’re not going to outspend the established firms in your market. Focus on aspects outside our budget to attract potential clients.

Focus on your message

People in need of legal help will make choices on representation based on a number of factors. Most advertisers will find a good mix of Reach (number of people who see your message) and Frequency (number of times a person sees your message). Lost in a number of these strategies, though, is the message, itself.

What can you offer that others in the attorney advertising market can’t? What can you explain to potential clients outside of the common phrases we’ve all become accustomed to among attorney ads? Often, the best messaging comes in the form of genuine value to your potential client. So many other attorneys tell their potential clients to call them; you can take the opportunity to explain why.

Establish an identity

People tend to hire an attorney who they believe they know as a person. We’re rapidly leaving the era of the faceless corporation. The most successful brands in today’s marketplace will make efforts to help their customers or clients know who they are. By humanizing your firm, you break the mold of a usual attorney trying to use you as a way to make a quick buck.

Similar to your message, what about you or your law firm sets you apart from your contemporaries? Even simpler, how can you illustrate your firm as a living, breathing entity? People in need of an attorney are often going through one of the most traumatic experiences of their lives. Some of the most stressful times in a person’s life involve legal representation. When these people are ready to seek help, make sure you have branded yourself as someone other than a person in a nice suit with their arms crossed.

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