Using Compositing and Motion Tracking in Your Videos

One of the chief functions of video editing is to make your finished product look as natural as possible. This is, our course, while adding elements to your video to spruce it up. Two tools editors will use to help add some flair to your videos are compositing and motion tracking.


As Chris describes in the video, much of what you see on screen during your favorite films is a composite of multiple different shots. Through the magic of editing, all of these separate elements come together and create a singular final product. This process is known as video compositing.

Successfully compositing your videos will help keep a feeling of authenticity even while you add new elements to your video. As you can see in the above video, simply layering the Craft Creative logo on top of the video takes your attention away from the beautiful landscape. By effectively compositing in the logo in an interesting way, you are able to process both the logo and the landscape without the two competing with each other for your attention.

Motion Tracking

Another important point here is to realize that if the shot you’re compositing is moving, the elements you add need to move along with it. No matter how well you integrate an element into a particular scene, if it is sitting still on top of a shot with clear motion, it won’t look natural. Luckily, most editing software includes video motion tracking.

As Chris explains, to properly utilize this technique, you’ll need to set some reference points to interpret the motion of the video. With these reference points, your added element will move in the same way as the rest of the composited scene.

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