Using Storyboards for Your Animation Production


No professional video production crew would ever dream of taking on a project without a script. They act as an anchor that keeps a production on task and allows everyone involved to stay on the same page. In many ways, storyboards act as a visual form of a script. If you’re not already, you should definitely begin using storyboards for your animation projects.

In the video posted above, Chris explains how and why you may want to use a storyboard for your videos. Scripts can only do so much when it comes to visuals. Meanwhile, storyboards offer illustrations to ensure your vision comes to life through the video. For instance, if your camera shots or animation are a bit on the complicated side, storyboards can come in handy to give everyone involved an idea of what you’re envisioning for the production.

On the day of production, there should be very few questions about vision and the shots you’re wanting to create. With a solid script and storyboard, your production team will be able to focus 100% on executing the vision, not figuring out how things are supposed to look.

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