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How to Create Great Facebook Lawyer Videos

The secret to Facebook lawyer videos is well-made, professional content that offers specific value to your potential clients. If you are readily available for your potential clients with help, these people will be more likely to call you when emergencies hit. Just remember that 67% of clients will sign on with a law firm if […]

How to Reach New Audiences With TV Commercial Production

Despite the rise of Facebook, YouTube, Netflix, and other online entertainment channels, TV commercial production remains one of the most effective ways to build your brand and reach new people. TV Commercials Build Brand Awareness There’s a reason all the major brands advertise on TV: Because it builds brand awareness. It also increases trust and […]

Using Viral Video Production to Increase Online Engagement

Did you know that people spend, on average, 16 hours each week watching online video content? Online and viral video production can help you reach more people, increase your sales, and get better conversion rates. How to Use Videos on Your Website Using videos on your website allows you to explain things to visitors in […]

Craft Creative: Original, Engaging Video Production

Craft Creative is here for all of your artistic filmmaking needs. A premium video production and creative company, Craft Creative always thinks outside the box and delivers excellent crafts. While standard video producers may give you a cookie-cutter product, we mold each Craft Creative film to the tone, personality, and message of your business. There’s […]