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Stock Videos vs. Your Footage

We live in a world with infinite outsourcing options. For pretty much any job you perform in-house, there are probably hundreds of companies out there that would gladly take over the responsibilities. Video production is no different. For any bit of footage you can capture by packing up a camera and going to a location, […]

Automotive Dealership Advertising Videos: Dos and Don’ts

We’re all well acquainted with typical local automotive dealership advertising, and there’s a reason most of them look very similar. Sunday, Sunday, Sunday! Incentives are handed down each month from the main brands to each local dealership. The meat-and-potatoes of these ads will highlight these deals using the familiar jargon, but everything else surrounding this […]

Refreshing Your Creative Content Strategy

There’s a cool trick most of you with kids have probably heard of: I call it the “toy rotation.” The strategy here is to rotate groups of toys at different times for your young children. When they tire of a certain group of toys, put them in storage and substitute in another group of toys. […]

The Basics of Attorney Advertising

We understand that attorneys spend multiple years learning how to practice law. After earning a bachelors degree, taking the LSAT, finishing law school, and passing the BAR, most attorneys will choose to focus on practicing law and helping their clients to the best of their ability. Marketing may not seem like a priority, but the […]