How Video Marketing Can Make Your Law Firm the First Choice


Video marketing will soon be the number one method of marketing a business and retaining customers. Your law firm has to be marketed just like any other business. Most brands use video as the preferred method to get their message out and to connect with their preferred customer. Let’s look at the advantages of using video to make your law firm the first choice for your preferred customer.

Advantages of Video Marketing

Statistics have shown that most people consume online video content either on a mobile device or a PC. Here’s a little more information.

  • In 2018, the number of video users in the United States topped about 232 million
  • About 62 percent used a mobile device for consuming video
  • About 90 percent of customers say video influences a buying decision

Video marketing is able to reach a bigger audience and has a great conversion rate. It can be scalable and there are a number of different options for making video content for your business. Not every business has an in-house video content team, and that’s okay. Let’s look at the advantages of working with professional creators for your video advertising.

Working with the Pros

Working with a professional creative team, like Craft Creative, is a great way to solve your video issues. If you have no video marketing presence, then you need to start right away. A video content team can identify the areas that your law firm needs to focus on, help you identify your ideal customer, and create video marketing around that customer.

Video marketing has quickly become the number one way that businesses get their brand and message out. The benefits of video marketing include a bigger outreach and a better conversion rate compared to other marketing forms. Good video marketing can make your law firm become the number one choice in consumers’ minds. Be the choice and not a choice in your market.

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