When Should I Use Animated Advertising?

When you’re deciding how you want your advertisements to look, you may be interested in using animation. A professional animation can be engaging  for viewers and fun to watch. There is a lot you can do with an animated advertisement that would be incredibly difficult with live-action advertising. So, what are the best contexts for animated advertising?

Animated versus Live-Action Advertising

There are many animated characters from advertisement campaigns that are incredibly popular. You’re probably familiar with the Geico gecko, the Trix rabbit, the Keebler elves, and many other popular characters. Beyond these popular characters, animations grab attention and help viewers remember information from the advertisement. Animation is great for creating advertisements that are exciting, colorful, and fun to watch.

Live-action advertising also has its benefits. A viewer watching a live-action advertisement can connected to a person on the screen, and therefore to your brand. If you want to showcase testimonials, a live-action advertisement may be a good choice for you. Or, if you wish to show how your product works, you may prefer a live-action advertisement to include a demonstration.

Time and Complexity

Both animated and live-action content require time and have multiple components. However, there are some generalizations about the two that can be made.

Animated content will usually take more time to produce than live-action content. At the same time, producing a live-action video has many components to consider. A well-made live-action video requires a good set, professional camerawork, lighting, and actors, among many other resources. While animation is still resource-intensive, there are not as many moving parts.

Of course, these are not hard-and-fast rules. You may find that an animation project has many components to keep in mind, or that your live-action project will take a long time to complete. Regardless, it is good to know what is common with your type of project.


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