When to Hire a Professional Video Production Crew

There’s really no time like a national quarantine to examine changes in production value. If you’re like me, you’re experiencing the existential crisis that comes with watching a late night talk show without audience laughter that signifies, “Yes, that was a joke,” or you’ve noticed that news anchors don’t look quite the same as usual, Across the board, production standards are being relaxed due to safety measures. While I in no way want to criticize these efforts, I would like to point out that there’s a difference. Furthermore, these are still professional video production crews doing their best.

It takes some highly skilled and dedicated people to produce quality video. If you’re a business owner who commissioned a freelancer who showed up with a single camera, shot some video for a couple hours, then left, can you tell me if that video looked any better than a local news station’s work during a global pandemic? If not, let’s reassess your needs.

You know it’s time to hire a professional video production crew when…

You’re not sure how to present your brand

This idea of Branding has become so vacuous that it’s beginning to lose meaning within the business world. I’ll use a simple definition: “Presenting your company in a way to promote an identity.” You’ve probably seen this all over social media. Every attorney will fight for you. All auto dealerships will treat you like family. Each new video game will revolutionize the genre. Sure, these are all great, but what can you say about your business, in particular? What sets you apart?

A creative team works in this world every day. While you hone your craft in closing cases, closing deals, closing cupboards, or whatever, a professional video production team can take much of your branding worries off your back.

You have no idea what you’re doing

Raise your hand if you’ve ever realized you’re absolutely lost on a project. Yeah, me too. It’s a sobering realization, but kudos for trying. We’ve met many the business owner that will “give it a go” when it comes to in-house creative only to pack it in and request our services. You can save some time simply by researching some behind-the-scenes videos to see some insights into what goes into some of these productions.

Before winging it, remember that whatever video you produce and put into the world acts as a window into your business. Make sure it’s in the hands of professionals.

You just don’t have the time

You know your brand backward and forward and exactly how you want it presented, but you own a business. There are so many other worries flying across your desk throughout the day. With a simple form and/or quick call, a professional video production crew can get a project rolling for you without you having to lift a finger. This is what a creative team like Craft Creative is for.

If you can effectively communicate your message and identity, a professional creative team will be able to produce a quality product while you are still able to focus on running your business.

Needing professional video production?

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