Why Your Law Firm Could Benefit From a Legal Marketing Video

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Choosing a lawyer can be stressful. Not only can the selection process be draining, but situation requiring an attorney is also stressful. A great way to market your law firm and gain new clients is to take advantage of legal marketing videos. What can attorney advertising do for you?

Reach a New Audience

Nowadays, many people get most of their information from videos. Whether they are learning how to unclog a shower drain or shopping for a new bike, videos reach a new audience that prefers to receive their information in videos. You can also reach a social media audience, who is accustomed to getting their breaking news on Twitter and other platforms.

Help make the Selection Easy

The world has changed since COVID-19, and digital advertising is great for most businesses, who can now reach clients stuck at home watching videos on their tablets. No one is spending time wading through pages and pages of written information (well, except for lawyers). A potential client now can spend just a couple of minutes watching a legal marketing video, and he can learn everything he needs to about your firm. A good marketing video is succinct and will get right to the point. It should thoroughly explain why the client should hire your firm in a clever way.

Adds Personality to your Lawyers

Let’s face it, lawyers have the reputation of being a little dry and humorless. It must be all the hours of reading legalese in law school textbooks, or maybe it’s the litigation process (some clients eyes would roll just at the word “litigation”). A legal marketing video is a great way to give personality and make your lawyers approachable. Show clients that lawyers are people too, and they can empathize with the situation the client needs help with.


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